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As a premium property management company in Visalia, CA, Evans Property Management is committed to providing rental property owners and tenants an uncompromising level of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service. Our reputation is based on always providing the most prompt, professional services. While at the same time, being a valuable asset where your real estate investments and rental strategies are concerned. And, when it is about your property, it’s best to always work with an experienced company.


Our Property Management Services

We offer the most comprehensive line of services for property owners who are looking for a company to entrust the operations of their investments and rental properties. This includes the basic services of collecting rental payments, performing routine maintenance and service, and screening prospective tenants. Our tenant rental system allows us to:

  • handle feedback and payments
  • we are not set up for online payments at this time
  • monitor prospective tenants
  • prepare properties for renters

And that is only the beginning. Whenever any issues or problems arise, we are highly experienced and knowledgeable at managing a wide range of rental communities and properties. Our primary goal is to allow property owners to be free of involvement whenever possible. This includes collecting rents, dealing with problem renters or other tenant issues, service problems, tenant complaints, and just about any other matter imaginable.


Why Evans Property Management?

Since 1982, we have been serving the needs of rental property owners and tenants in Visalia, CA, and its many surrounding communities. We manage a wide range of housing and rental communities including:

  • apartment buildings
  • condominiums
  • Home Owner’s Associations or HOA’s
  • multi-family dwellings
  • single-family homes

Our property management fees are extremely cost-effective and very competitive. Our strong foundation in the Visalia, CA area enables us to operate our business at a lower cost overall, compared to other property management companies in the area. As a result, we are able to pass these savings onto our clients. Just imagine how stress-free your life can be when you partner with a team of experienced professionals managing the day-to-day operations of your rental community.

For more information regarding our company and the property management services we provide, please contact Evans Property Management, and speak with a representative today. We will assist you in answering the queries you have, and provide you with more information about our services.

  • Single Family Home
  • HOA
  • Condominium
  • Apartment Building
  • Multi-Family Home

  • Bruce Evans

    Owner · Broker

    Co-created Evans Property Management with brother, Ed Evans, in 1982 & became sole owner in 1997

  • Dona Schorzman

    Rental Manager · Licensed Real Estate Agent

    Has been with Evans Property Management since 1996 & in property management in So Cal since 1987

  • Walter Lewbel

    Association Representative

    Has been with Evans Property Management since 2001

  • Darlene Christie

    Association Representative

    Has been with Evans Property Management since 2010

  • Marjorie Casper

    Rental Bookkeeper

    Has been with Bruce Evans Property Management since 2005

  • Cheryl Radford

    Association Staff

    Has been with Evans Property Management since 2009

  • Kate Munsch

    Associate Manager

    Has been with Evans Property Management since 2014